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Saba's Pit-Fired Vase

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I won't dictate what you have to do with this jar but I'd tell you that it will look super cute as a utensil holder next to your stove AND better yet, as a wine cooler for all that rosé you are drinking. If you going to use it as a wine cooler, rinse it with water, dry the outside and stick the bottle of wine in the jar - that simple! You can also pre-chill the cooler by putting it in the freezer overnight.

Note: these jars have been pit-fired, which means that all the colors are natural salt variation and not glaze AND they are not fully vitrified and still porous. Therefore, not suited to contain water or food but absolutely perfect for anything dry. Do not put in dishwasher or microwave.

H: 9" W: 5.25"

Handmade in Colorado by Pannonica Pottery (Saba's ceramics line)