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Uproot Teas

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My friend, Cindy, sources the most beautiful teas I have ever seen. She directly sources the single origin teas from exceptional regenerative farms from various regions, all sustainably growing and producing artisan loose-leaf teas and botanicals. 

I have picked 3 of my favorites here: I had hojicha (roasted green tea) and genmaicha (green tea and toasted rice!) for the first time when I was in Kyoto last Fall and their deep and layered flavors blew me away. The Makai black tea from Hawaii is just so wildly gorgeous, grown on volcanic ash on the Big Island, that I think everyone should have a chance at tasting it.

Check out her brewing guide here.

Read more about each flavor:


Handpicked, steamed sencha green tea with toasted brown rice from Uproot's farm partner in Kyoto. Notes of popcorn, cereal, and fragrant rice. Genmaicha has many names, including "popcorn tea" and "the people's tea" because of its unique ingredients and special history. In olden times, genmaicha was known as a poor person's drink because straight tea was too expensive. Roasted brown rice was added in to save tea and make it more filling.


This single Origin Hojicha is made with handpicked tea leaves & stems, dry roasted over hot charcoal by Uproot's farm partner in Kyoto. Perfect for tea lattes. Notes of hazelnut, coffee, caramel. Hojicha was created in the 1920s when a tea merchant roasted leftover tea leaves, stems, stalks, and twigs in order to reduce waste. This proved to be popular, and hojicha today is its own commercial success. 


You’ve never had black tea like this before. Award-winning, handcrafted on the Big Island, Hawai'i with sinensis and assamica leaves. Grown by an AAPI woman farmer on volcanic ash and shaded by the natural rainforest, which encourages biodiversity. Crisp, smooth and refined with no astringency or bitterness even when steeped for long periods. Try the Makai Black Tea for a healthy boost of caffeine in the morning, or infuse it into warm milk to make the best desserts!