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  • How can I buy your jams?
    Here from my online shop or you can visit one of my stockists.
  • How come there are no jams available for sale?
    A new collection of seasonal jams is released about four times a year. They often sell out within hours of becoming available. To be the first to know about the collection launch dates, join my mailing list.
  • Can I pick up my order?
    No! Local pickup is not available at this time. Any popup sales will be announced via my newsletter and will be listed here.
  • Do you ship to Canada?
    Contact me with your address to get a shipping estimate.
  • How long is the jam good for?
    The jams are vacuum sealed and will keep for a long time. My recommendation is to consume it within the first year. While they will be delicious even after that, the color starts to change/darken.
  • How should I store jam?
    If it has not been opened, it's best to store the jams in a cool dark place like a pantry cupboard that's away from heat. If the jar has been opened, refrigerate and consume within a month. Always use a clean spoon!
  • Do you take wedding favor orders?
    Yes! I can make 2 oz jars for any size weddings with 1 month notice. The flavor depends on what's in season but I'll be happy to work with you to choose your favorite.
  • Can I place a bulk gift order and send you a list of recipients?
    Yes! Minimum order value must be $500.
  • I am interested in becoming a stockists, are you accepting wholesale accounts?
    Please email me at and I will share the terms and available flavors.