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Saba's award-winning jams & preserves are made with local fruits at the peak of their seasons sourced directly from the farmers.

The flavors change frequently depending on what fruits are in season and are released about 4x a year. To hear about the collection releases, sign up for our newsletter here.

You can also shop Saba's ceramics and her collection of carefully curated goods.

Saba's jams are made to highlight and celebrate THE FRUIT.

They are handmade in small batches (about 10 jars per batch!) using ONLY seasonal, ALWAYS local, and often organic fruits; the minimal added sugar and short cooking time make for a luscious fruit preserve that you taste the fruits first at the peak of their flavor.

Saba has been jammin’ (yes, go ahead, sing the song!) since 2010, working with the beautiful bounty of California and trained with some of the best California jam makers. Saba is passionate about fruits and preserving cultures and uses her jams to tell stories of the seasons, the fruit farmers, and the preservation traditions.

An Iranian-American immigrant, Saba Parsa, is based in San Francisco, where she works closely with local farmers to make her jams and produce her ceramic pieces. In a past life she was a chemical engineer, sequencing DNA and managing global teams!

Saba's jams are the celebration-in-a-jar of the local fruits at the peak of their season - the nature's jewels. They are colorful tasty treats meant to brighten every occasion: your classic PB&J, the sweet surprise on the grazing cheese boards, a perfect side to the yogurt + granola bowl, a deeply flavorful meat marinade, or the cutest party favors.