's testimonials


"You might think all you're getting when you open a jar of Saba's preserves is jam. But you're wrong. It's also poetry, art, and time brought to a standstill. Following in the storied footsteps of the great Persian poets, artists, and preservers who came before her, Saba crafts passionate odes to fruit with each batch of jam she makes. There is no one else like her. But you don't need me to convince you — one taste is all it'll take. - Samin Nosrat

"Saba makes preserves that taste like the truest, clearest most vibrant expression of the organic, seasonal ingredients she uses. But it’s not just a question of fidelity, she’s also a master of combining and harmonizing flavors to amplify qualities in each ingredient (think salt-preserved mandarins with pink peppercorns or blackberry and cacao jam). I don’t think there’s a more gifted artist in this space, nor one who sources ingredients with such integrity or reverence for the farmers whose work yields the fruits she so masterfully transforms."  - Fanny Singer

"The first time I tried Saba’s jam it was a heavenly experience, like eating sunshine. When I found my Oro Blanco grapefruit tree abundantly fruiting, I sent her a box of them. Right away, she turned them into marmalade and then shared her personal method with me. The generosity from this tree would be nothing without Saba’s virtuosity and giving way." - Sonoko Sakai

"I’d been wanting to try Saba jams for ages but never had the chance because I lived abroad. Finally, after moving to the states, I got to snag a few jars on a drop (the stuff goes FAST so don’t hesitate). They weren’t even the flavors I originally wanted (those sold out) and they were still divine. Peach Cardamom and Nectarine Ginger are both favs now and I can’t wait to restock. So much flavor, none of that fake sugar bomb, store-bought, mass produced sauce. Saba’s award winning jams are winners for me too. I can’t wait to try them all - if I’m quick enough that is!"  - Farrah Berrou

"I came across Saba's jams sometime during the pandemic era and they have been the most delicious comfort in these toughest of times. The jams are award winning as we all know but what makes it more meaningful is the beautiful journey - whether it is the storytelling or the memories evoked. Saba's jams are pure beauty and emotions in a jar. The way she showcases the incredible hard work that went into the making - from sourcing the freshest seasonal fruits to the process of jam making, and the handwritten labels...it shows the love that goes into each jar. I cherish each jar, each flavor combination..it is nothing short of love and joy 💕✨ Hands down, one of our absolute favorite jams ever!!!"  - Pooravi Gohil